About Handpressions

At Handpressions, we believe there are multiple dimensions to memories & moments. Photos capture & revive your visual memory but there is much more to a moment. A warm hug, the soft feel of a newborn’s skin, moments are comprised of vivid recollections that are, at times, triggered by touch. With Handpressions you can add another dimension to a moment by incorporating a handprints and footprints to priceless keepsakes, capturing a child’s growth, & bringing you back to that frozen moment in time.

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The Handpressions Advantage

Personalized Gifts

Give gifts that will be cherished for years to come. Choose from 100s of templates for every occasion.

Birth Certificates & More

Create branded keepsakes for your patients. Perfect for Hospitals, Pediatricians, & Child Life Specialist.

Fundraise With Us

Who could resist? Learn more about Handtastic Fundraisers. Perfect for any school and many organizations.

Souvenir Kiosk

Collect emails and increase social media engagment! Patrons can create the perfect momento of their visit.

iPad App

Download Handpressions on your iPad and start capturing handprints and footprint simply by taking a photo.

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